Jacob Landau

Member of Parliament Jacob Landau has been a teacher, a protector, a builder, and a leader. Since his youth he has spent decades in the service of his people and his country through his public works. He has been awarded and commended by the Toronto Police Service and Mayor of Toronto John Tory for his fight to defend innocent Canadians from violence. Landau has defined his life by how he can make a better world for Canadians; for this generation, and the next.


His work with alongside fellow MP Robert Oliphant has defined Canadian policy on a wide variety of issues. His Green Paper on Electoral Reform has been widely recognized as the defining document on the subject for years to come. His work to bridge party lines has rejuvenated the spirit of cooperation between different parties, people, and opinions. From electoral reform to national security and immigration, Jacob Landau has spent years of his life in public service guiding policy to create a better Canadian future.