Competitive Canada

The Canadian Action Party is working towards a strong, stable, and competitive Canadian economy. Canadians can expect strong funding to develop the infrastructure they need moving into 2020. The CAP makes a commitment to oppose any increase to income tax faced by persons or businesses. Canadians cannot continue be gouged any further as they struggle to make ends meet. The solution is not to drive employers away from Canada; it is to create competitive markets and lower prices for all Canadians.

Maintaining strong trade with our partners is crucial to open new markets for Canadians and provide avenues to share our bountiful culture. It is crucial to maintain active and symbiotic trading partnerships with the United States and the United Kingdom, two of our oldest allies. We also prioritize the negotiation of a robust trade agreement with Pacific nations such as China and India in order to continue technological innovation world-wide.

Partnerships with other nations allow us to focus on producing the uniquely Canadian goods that make us who we are. Nations that trade are nations that communicate, cooperate and grow. However the landscape may change, Canada is a leader among developed nations and our agreements will work to bring us all together.