Remodeled Education

Canada student’s and teachers alike deserve a premier public educational system to reflect their work ethic and intelligence. No longer will pay-for-play private schools be able to monetize a student’s education. Our federal ministry of education, Education Canada, will work to create a system that allows post-secondary schools to have a better understanding of which schools are truly educate their students, rather than distributing marks based on quid-pro-quo. Education is not a competition or an auction; it is a right.

Education is not just a right for those who can afford it. This is why we will implement public universities, alongside existing institutions, which are effectively free for those admitted. These schools will create many more teaching jobs, creating opportunities for so many young Canadian teachers who spend more time tutoring or working part-time jobs than they do in the classroom. As well, heightened competition for private institutions will increase the quality of education as well as the affordability, and parents’ money tied up in RESPs can be redistributed back into the economy. Education will finally be made affordable for all hard-working young Canadians.

The Canadian Action Party will not stand idly as our future is discouraged and oppressed because of factors they cannot control. The days of talented young Canadians slipping through the cracks while their hard-working teachers watch helplessly is over.