Support for Mental Illness

Did you know that one in five Canadians disclose that they suffer from mental illness? That number may be even higher considering the stigma surrounding mental illness in Canada. Canadians’ struggles with mental health cost the economy over $50 billion per year due to those who are afflicted not receiving assistance and being unable to work. We will introduce standards for each province to uphold regarding the coverage of psychologists and talk-therapy in healthcare.

As it stands, to see a psychiatrist, there are many hoops of bureaucracy that the average Canadian must jump through. Waiting lists are endlessly long, most costs aren’t covered by provincial health care. This prevents most Canadians of any age from receiving the assistance they have a right to. The Canadian Action Party will streamline the process for high-quality international doctors to immigrate, alleviating waiting lists.

Mental health is a key issue that many Canadians battle with; the Canadian Action Party recognizes this and stands by all Canadians in this fight. We pledge to take action to stop the stigma.